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5G Carrier Services

Partner with us to ensure the system you deploy will meet the performance needs for the next generation of services. We are uniquely positioned to provide turnkey solutions including handling the carrier internal processes for approval, integration and acceptance. We will ensure that a path to LAA capability is delivered from day one. We will also coordinate small cell hub and node installations at the project site as a value add to both your return on investment and the carrier cost justification.

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Wi-Fi, CBRS, IoT

Our program offers a tailored solution to meet your needs from WiFi to Private LTE and IoT. Instead of installing only a DAS or a Wi-Fi system we leverage the latest platforms to deliver the connectivity needed across the spectrum surrounding your property. Whether it’s beacons, security or environmental systems we provide that functionality along with a distributed antenna system that allows for the full service 5G experience.

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Monetization Platforms

We offer programs to help you monetize the data in your system including Adds4Wi-Fi and data analytics. We’ll handle the process and provide a revenue share return on investment. We serve as a longtime partner to help you strategize and scale across multiple properties for a fully optimized portfolio that can exponentially grow your return on investment, as well as boost your overall property value.